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Hello and welcome to my website.

I’m Lara, psychology student from the Northern German shoreline, somewhere in between my mid-twenties and almost-thirties, hobby photographer, passionate knitter, cat lover, Post Rock enthusiast and food obsessive.

I am especially passionate about analog photography. My first tries I had in 2008 with an old SLR camera of my stepfather – RevueFlex 3000SL – and not so many months after that, I bought my first Lomography camera, the Holga 120CFN.
Since then, I’ve collected more than 45 analog cameras which contain models from almost every decade of the 20th century, newer Lomography cameras and Polaroid cameras of SX70 and Image/Spectra type.

Not so long ago, I tried to make my way into concert photography as well (digital, of course). I started writing articles and taking photos for Pretty in Noise – a German online magazine about all types of Rock music – and since then, I visit concerts often and try to improve my concert photography. Photographers like Davy De Pauw and Muto Yang count among my idols in photography.

I would particularly like to thank Olli, one of my mentors in photography and most significant human, for every little bit of support concerning my work. <3 Without you, nothing would have worked.

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