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New York in b/w pt. 1 – doubles

Somehow during my trip, on the third day, I thought, I might run out of film too fast. So I decided to make double exposures by exposing the whole film once, wind it back and expose it a second time – both with doubled ASA, of course.
This is a common procedure when doing film swaps with other people but in that case, you usually make sure to mark the beginning of the film, where the sprocket holes touch the winder for the first time. This allows the perfect fitting of the frames without overlapping on the edges. But of course I didn’t think about it. So the film turned out very chaotic and it’s hard to tell where one frame ends and the next starts and it’s even harder to recognize everything that’s in the picture.

But that’s exactly the way I experienced New York. Everything is messed up and chaotic, disturbing and distorted. And now, two and a half weeks after I left New York, those pictures are a very accurate reflexion of my memories. So this film sums up my trip perfectly.



Lomo LC-A+ with Agfa APX 100 set to 200 ASA, multiple exposure

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